Give Back on World Environmental Day

On June the 5th, we celebrate World Environmental Day. Every little bit counts, and it’s easy to do your part! We recommend organic gardening. First thing’s first; you need to build a foundation of soil health and plant diversity. To create a successful organic garden, you need to start with the soil. Rejuvenate the soil: [...]

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Recycling Week 2017

From 11 to 17 September is National Clean-up and Recycling Week, with Saturday 16 September focusing specifically on recycling, as National Recycling Day. Let It Grow Foundation is all about our beautiful Earth. We must do everything in our power to protect her. This guide aims to help you get started, and shows you where [...]

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Getting a head start on the growing season

Spring is around the corner and Let It Grow Foundation's Jayson Foxx and Cliff Rosen share some advice on how to begin preparing and planning your soil mix for seed planting: How do you start the process of planning to plant seeds? At Let It Grow, we prefer pre-planting in seed trays and once they [...]

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