Let It Grow Foundation Recognises the Importance of National Arbour Week

Many countries dedicate a day to planting trees; this occasion is called Arbour Day. In South Africa, Arbour Day is celebrated for an entire week. Truly the importance of this week – which usually takes place during the first week of September – cannot be underestimated. National Arbour Week is a time when South Africans of [...]

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Getting a head start on the growing season

Spring is around the corner and Let It Grow Foundation's Jayson Foxx and Cliff Rosen share some advice on how to begin preparing and planning your soil mix for seed planting: How do you start the process of planning to plant seeds? At Let It Grow, we prefer pre-planting in seed trays and once they [...]

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Let It Grow Foundation Honours Women’s Day

Let It Grow Foundation is honouring a woman who was a strong contributor to popularising all things herbs in South Africa for over 35 years. Margaret Joan Roberts was a proudly South African herbalist who wrote over 40 books on herbs and related topics. Her motto was “Educate and inspire!”, having delivered countless lectures on the [...]

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Medicinal Plants to See You Through Winter

Winter is the time where immune systems are lowered and the chances of getting sick are higher. Before the massive pharmaceutical industry, people used plants to treat common illnesses, injuries and even life-threatening diseases! The benefits of these plants are still very much relevant, and work just as well as a synthetic chemical remedy. Using [...]

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Let It Grow Foundation In a Nutshell

From a barren tennis court to three men driven by the purpose to heal the soil and teach South Africans to live sustainable and healthy lives through urban farming projects using permaculture methods, the Let It Grow Foundation is an NPC that focuses on sharing knowledge and urban farming methods - getting their hands dirty [...]

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Starting Your Very Own Urban Farm

Let It Grow Foundation is a non-profit company that specialises in sharing knowledge and tools on urban farming. There is a growing trend towards a more sustainable way of living. Organic urban farming or gardening is the practice of cultivating, growing, and distributing one's own organic food in or around a village, town, or city. [...]

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