Let it Grow is proud to be featured in the current People Magazine, issue No 8, 23 February 2018.

Who are they?

  • Trailblazer social entrepreneurs:
  • Clifford Brian Rosen – believes in teaching self-reliance, knowledge and self-sustainability. He is on a quest to share all of his knowledge, while continuously learning each day.
  • Jayson Fox – focus is to preserve plant species that are going extinct, and to save areas from being barren.
  • Calvin Ncube – immerses himself in helping others, feeling that any change, no matter how big or small, is contributing to the greater good.

Why and Who are they?

They do this as it is a cause they believe in, have the skills and expertise, in order to do their part in building a more sustainable world – beginning with soil.

  • Urban farming brings communities together and has far reaching ripple effects where the results are motivating and heart-warming.
  • Let It Grow is a non-profit company that focuses on sharing knowledge and tools on urban farming, by getting actively involved in communities in Johannesburg.
  • Their purpose is to enrich South African lives by providing a means to sustainable, healthy living.
  • They aim to establish abundant food gardens that can be utilised in teaching the techniques and knowledge of how to ‘grow your own’, using permaculture and agroecology methods.
  • At the same time, they are driven to address the food security issues that are evident to too many people today and show (and teach) how even a small piece of land/soil can produce delicious and healthy food.

Who benefits?

The Foundation’s focus is on community projects, and to encourage and guide households to start their own urban farms. Let It Grow successfully runs several urban farms across Gauteng. The benefits to a community are food and the ability to grow your own food, using the permaculture method – which is sustainable – plus surplus produce can be sold or bartered which creates an income stream. The soil is enriched and forms the foundation of any healthy urban farm or food garden.

The Foundation addresses food security and social development, even unemployment. By connecting human beings back to their food source, the soil and planet, they reconnect and fulfil a basic need for purpose and acknowledgment. And, it raises awareness of the environment we create for ourselves and others.