Let It Grow Foundation is honouring a woman who was a strong contributor to popularising all things herbs in South Africa for over 35 years. Margaret Joan Roberts was a proudly South African herbalist who wrote over 40 books on herbs and related topics. Her motto was “Educate and inspire!”, having delivered countless lectures on the benefits of herbs and healthy living. Margaret’s name is on an impressive array of products including food ranges, toiletries, gifts, kitchenware, stationery, textiles, seeds, and books. She received a Laureate Award from the University of Pretoria for being one of South Africa’s first organic farmers.

32 years ago, Margaret founded the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre in De Wildt, North West Province. It is an extraordinary and exceptional place, designed to teach all about herbs, medicinal foods and natural insecticides. The centre boasts herb gardens, a nursery, apothecary, potager garden, chapel, lecture hall and even a fairy gallery. It is one of South Africa’s top 10 gardens and is totally dedicated to organic farming and organic principles. The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre is known to be one of the top ten gardens in South Africa.

Margaret is well known for her Margaret Roberts Lavenders as well as her Ginger Rosemary, High Hopes Basil and Margaret Roberts Rose. Margaret Roberts sadly passed away this year on the 4th of March, but her teachings live on and will continue to inspire green thumbs everywhere. The Let It Grow Foundation has learned so much from Margaret and continue to use and share her vast knowledge.